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I guess this year we find the techbro Halloween parties and dress up as Codes of Conduct to scare the shit out of them.

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Installs Mojave > enables dark mode > immediately resets to light mode.

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I owe my career to an endless parade of total strangers who took time out to teach me stuff and help me out, either indirectly or one on one in forums and chat rooms. I can't ever pay them back, so I do my best to pay it forward.

A note on “spooky names” over the Halloween period.

They’re great fun, but remember, screen readers can have difficulty reading emoji, made up and concatenated words.

Also remember that a reader will announce your username several times in a thread, too.

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There are lots of great women in design that I follow on Twitter, but sadly they don’t all have some kind of mastodon account. Looking to widen my followings on, any suggestions?

Once the baby is asleep, this is how the brews get made.

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Is there some kind of YouTube automated subtitle API I can tap into to find out statistically how many times "guys" is said per day?

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RT @[email protected]
HTTP vs HTTPS on public WiFi. HTTPS is important, even for static sites.

JavaScript is like salt. If you add just enough salt to a dish, it’ll help make the flavour awesome. Add too much though, and you’ll completely ruin it.

Similarly, if you add just enough JavaScript to your website, it’ll help make it awesome. Add too much though, and you’ll completely ruin it.

Fancy a Sunday read? Why not learn how to be a good guest for parents with a new baby:

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One will never build the perfect website.

Our job is to:
🙂 Make it usable for all
👍 Make it good for most
⚡️ Make it great for many

In short: Progressive enhancement

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Hello. I'd like your suggestions for some more accounts to follow please?

If possible right now I'd prefer to follow tech'ish folks who toot more about web tech, and less about social injustice. I have other social networks, politically outraged acquaintances and news outlets for that sort of content 🙈 🙉 🙊

Considering that the “smartest minds” work at Google, displaying ads for Army recruitment inbetween episodes of Peppa Pig is rather amusingly shite.

I thought I knew what difficult was until our newborn and toddler decided to have a poop at the same time.

The baby added to the difficulty level by peeing the second I opened the nappy too 🙃

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YEARS of rampant, unchecked abuse of women. YEARS of being called out for it, and lashing out in response.

TONS of receipts. that you can just, like, go look at on the public mailing list.

AND his absurd tiny message that got tons of press was WEAKSAUCE that he specifically put out to lessen the impact of some very simple journalistic investigation into his bullshit.

COME ON y'all.

My biggest challenge as a designer: a follow up

Kids craft club was an interesting experience. I don’t think many kids touched any of the crafts—just very eager, competitive parents and grandparents.

Brooklyn and I made an aquarium together. It was good, wholesome fun. She needs a bit of that now that her little sister has arrived and she certainly looked like she enjoyed herself.

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