My icon component uses fetch, because I don't like the limitations of <use>. This way, I can use the same SVG resources with my component, or directly with img[src]. DRY.


@heydon if you get a service worker on the go too, each subsequent request will be local anyway 👍

@hankchizljaw Well, turns out this doesn't work so great because of content security policy errors RE relative URLs. Got it working on Github by hard coding the URL...

@hankchizljaw Ignore that. I just needed a ./ URL. They don't tell you that :-/

@heydon ah yeh that’s a bugger. I totally didn’t get service workers until I read Jeremy Keith’s book to be honest. All the other resources are very “high tech”.

@hankchizljaw Wasn't even a service workers issue. Unexpected Other FuckeryTM.

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