I wish dudes (it’s always dudes) would be as protective about , progressive enhancement (and people in general) as much as they are about their favourite tools.

This feeling has been amplified 10X since I pushed out.

@hankchizljaw Speaking of #a11y, Telegram is completely inaccessible, so you might at least move it down in the list :-) Solid work there.

@yatil @aral @hankchizljaw

Nice page, Eric! Don't know if Skype should be on the list as well :)

Maybe you can find some things of value to add from our awesome-humane-tech list as well:

@yatil @aral @hankchizljaw

He he, correction: Nice page, Andy! Typing too fast.. 😳

@humanetech @yatil @aral yeh I wasn’t 100% comfortable with that PR. Thanks for the resources!

Great writeup Andy, the only problem is that average people don't want to switch. They're comfortable with the monsters

@DigitalMisfit I agree. Why break their own comfort?


"But everyone I know is already on Facebook" it's ridiculous

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