📝 I’ve had a heck of a year and here’s my ‘2018: a year in review’ post about it: andy-bell.design/wrote/2018-a-

We had some pictures done of Cassie when she was first born and the photographer managed to picture of the four of us.

Priority one of my first day as an independent designer and developer is cracking out a fresh Field Notes, of course.

I start most days like this. Of all the sleep deprived hours in the day, this is the best one.

I was thinking about getting some new blinds for my office, but I think Delilah has other ideas. I couldn't take this sunbathing opportunity away from her, surely?

I've given my office a little rework. I've made my MacBook the primary screen now and will use the larger screen for a couple of browsers. Mainly Firefox and iOS simulator.

Of course, there's a Field Notes on there, too, alongside my new ergo stuff.

Once the baby is asleep, this is how the brews get made.

My biggest challenge as a designer: a follow up

Kids craft club was an interesting experience. I don’t think many kids touched any of the crafts—just very eager, competitive parents and grandparents.

Brooklyn and I made an aquarium together. It was good, wholesome fun. She needs a bit of that now that her little sister has arrived and she certainly looked like she enjoyed herself.


Everyone, meet Cassie. She arrived yesterday and we’re already besotted with her.

Both Cassie and her incredible Mum are doing brilliantly.

Delilah is often described by people as the “the most beautiful cat they've ever seen” or “the softest cat they've ever stroked”. Poor Dora(hankchizljaw.io/notes/9/) never really gets a look-in when Delilah is about.

But, Delilah is one of the sweetest cats you'll ever meet. Although she's a bit “bitey”, she's full of love, easily forgives and purrs even before you stroke her.


Just in case you missed this yesterday, I’ve started interviewing web folks about their pets.


I can’t help but laugh at the irony when a corporation that causes such immense levels of waste an industrial scale has the audacity to put a cutesy “please recycle me” cap on their bottles.

I keep this £20 Android device in my desk drawer to test with. It loads hankchizljaw.io in around 8-10 seconds on fibre-to-the-door broadband. That is super slow considering the site is getting some good scores on Web Page Test.

I recommend getting a cheap device yourself. They're useful to keep an eye on things.


When we bought this slide, we thought it was for our Daughter to enjoy.

Turns out we actually bought our cat, Dora a sulking castle...


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