@DigitalMisfit the last line in a block is fine. IMO it’s better to add one anyway.

Just a quick note, while there seems to be a lot of snark around people that don’t understand what no deal Brexit is.

Hold the people that aren’t explaining it to account, rather than the people who don’t understand it. 

This attitude is partly why we’re in this mess.


> “Lean into that boring, predictable settled science.”

This could be said about so much of what we do in web design / development, but is extra true for login forms.

A great article by @[email protected] 



One thing we’ve got to give @[email protected] credit for is inspiring people to build their own sites again thanks to the awful, inaccessible, JS-rendered, pop up laden hellzone that they produce.

Momentum is in the right direction *away* from platforms like that.


Only a few things are guaranteed in life:

- Death
- Taxes
- Any joke posted on Twitter will have a much worse version of the joke in the replies.


I’ve really enjoyed watching this unfold over the week and this is a great summary by @[email protected]

Glad to see my site renders well in this emulator, too. Good ol’ semantic HTML for the win!  



I am *stoked* to say that @[email protected] is back for the second half of interviews with the incredibly talented, @[email protected]

There are some awesome interviews coming up, with the majority being women in tech 🙂



‪I’ve see a couple of folks say that they don’t want to write because they worry that someone else has already written about what they want to write about.‬

‪Please still write!‬ ‪

We flourish from multiple perspectives and we don’t want to hear from the same folks all the damn time!‬


> “Every adjustment to the appearance and behavior of the features browsers let you manipulate is a roll of the dice, gambling on the delight of some at the expense of alienating others.”

A *must* read by @[email protected]


This is super handy. You can use @[email protected]` to detect hover support, so then, your hover states won’t get “stuck” on touch/mobile.

Big props to @[email protected] for sharing this.



@DigitalMisfit I agree. Why break their own comfort?


I had a really good time coaching at @[email protected] tonight.

I love mentoring folks who are learning web stuff and tonight I got paired with a super cool designer who was learning HTML, CSS and JS. We ended up making some funky stuff!

I'll be back next time I'm down here 🚀


Developurrs will be returning very soon. I’m going to dig into to some editing and *hopefully* publish #11 on Monday 🎉

There’s already 10 articles published with 10 incredibly talented people and their awesome pets, so go along and check them out!



I’ve put a touch more time into npm-uninstall-facebook.com/ and added some skip links, so you can jump straight past the wall of copy that intros the site.

The copy is, unfortunately, necessary to protect the feelings of tech bros.


@humanetech @yatil @aral yeh I wasn’t 100% comfortable with that PR. Thanks for the resources!

I’ve been surprised at the level of actual support there is for Facebook over the last couple of days. 

I personally don’t care what “good” they’ve done. They’ve systematically abused their power for *years*. They’re nothing short of scum in my books.


I wish dudes (it’s always dudes) would be as protective about , progressive enhancement (and people in general) as much as they are about their favourite tools.

This feeling has been amplified 10X since I pushed npm-uninstall-facebook.com out.


> “Seeing how something real is built puts the individual pieces of the puzzle together in a way that sample code or abstract lessons just don’t.”

Fabulous article by @[email protected] 



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