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The *best* thing about being a parent to young kids is having the songs from their toys *permanently* stuck in your head.

I’m pretty sure it could be classed as some level of torture.

You can now add an `updatesFeed` to your entry to link to your notes/links/micro blog section of your site.

You can also now anchor to your entry like this: `

I can’t help but think how uninspiring the tech world is vs when I started in ‘09.

We had MySpace pages to hack at and GeoCities sites to muck around with.

Now we have Typescript and arguments about CSS.

I worry about how many people we lose early to this.

> “The longer I work on the web, the more I find myself coming back to writing my websites in the basics: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.”

This was an absolute joy to read.

Fun fact: I like to have my JS dependencies in alphabetical order so I partially recite the alphabet song to myself about 20 times a day.

And no, I don't alphabetise my CSS properties. Logical grouping ftw.

A great overview of the new @[email protected] redesign. I’m a huge fan of this version and can’t wait to publish some more on there one day.

Amazingly, “CSS doesn’t suck” has surpassed 10,000 views 🎉

A huge thanks to everyone that shared it. I’m sure that folks getting into the industry will have read it, which makes me smile a lot.

Client-side JavaScript should be taxable. You get the first 50kb for free, but anything on top of that is taxed at $10k per 50kb.

The proceeds could go to programs that help underrepresented folks get into tech.

I’ve setup my first bullet journal and just getting stuff in there has made me feel great.

I’ve been experiencing a bit of overwhelm over the last couple of weeks, so it’s done wonders for that.

Of course, I’m using a special edition Field Notes, too.

Mr @[email protected] is a very clever lad and has worked out how to switch between multiple and single column layouts using **zero** media queries. All thanks to flexbox and CSS Custom Properties. A very elegant solution indeed.

I came across this stunning pure CSS animation (thanks to @[email protected]), so I added it to [CSS doesn’t suck]( as an example of CSS’ portability.

I can’t believe it’s been a whole year since my first ever @[email protected] post went live.

I remember being absolutely terrified of the idea of *so many* people reading my stuff. 

Big props to @[email protected] for giving me a shot!

This is one of my favourite Led Zeppelin albums, with “Out on the tiles” being one of my favourite songs.

I was brought up on bands like these which I’m super thankful for as it’s had a real positive impact on my music tastes.

I’m absolutely mind blown that over 1000 folks have read this post on my little blog. 

Even more amazing is that I crapped out the post over some lunch, too 🤯

Who’s posting notes/links to their personal sites? I’m looking to add some folks to my RSS feed!

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